Do You Want Your Family to Eat Healthier…But Sick of Boring, Complicated “Health Food” Recipes?

Now… Get Your Hands on a TON of Mouth-Watering, Nutritious Recipes – Perfect for Staying Fit and Melting Fat…That Your Family Will Love Too!
  • Enjoy delicious high-protein, low-calorie, and even gluten-free treats that are fast and easy!
  • Lose weight effortlessly without counting calories
  • Save hours of kitchen prep time each day
  • Avoid boredom with a vast array of natural, wholesome ingredients!
  • Look and feel better than you have in years… or even decades!

Hi There! I'm Brooke!

- Certified Personal Trainer & Gym Owner

Here Are Just Some of the Quick, Easy, Nutritious Recipes That Your Family Will Love!!

Dear Friend,

Do you and your family look forward to those boring and bland “healthy” meals and snacks?

If you're like most of us, your answer is probably a resounding “NO!”

In fact, your spouse or partner and children might even run away screaming when they hear the word “healthy”… and you might be tempted to run away right behind them!

Tell Me If Any Of These Sound Familiar To You:
  • You've gotten stuck in a rut with your healthy meals… and find yourself serving the same old boring dishes over and over again!
  • Your family members have started making excuses to be out of the house at mealtime!
  • You look for new health-conscious recipes every now and again… but they all seem overly complicated or require expensive extra kitchen gadgets and appliances!
  • Even snack time has lost its appeal, because you’re tired of munching on celery sticks, carrots, and hummus!
  • You've gotten so tired of your healthy food rut that you’ve ended up binging on junk or fast food… only to end up hating yourself for it later!
  • You wish that there was a way to get loads of recipes for delicious, healthy meals, appetizers, and snacks that you could easily make without spending all day in the kitchen… or buying thousands of dollars’ worth of crazy kitchen gadgets!

My friend… you’re not alone! So many people just like you are doing their best to keep their bodies fit and healthy, and are trying to incorporate natural, nutritious foods into their diets instead of relying on processed, pre-packaged junk.

And that’s a great thing!

But unfortunately, most people end up in the same “food rut” that you’re stuck in right now… and they’re completely sick of settling for the same old bland, unappealing dishes day after day!

As a personal fitness trainer, I hated seeing people get off the health wagon and fall into the trap of garbage eating, crash dieting and pill popping…all because their nutrition plan was boring, too complicated and their families was less than happy to see chicken and broccoli again.

This is when I set my mind to finding a solution once and for all.


Brooke Einarson-Schaab is an experienced Certified Personal Trainer (BKin, CSEP), Operations Director at 360 Fitness (one of North America's most successful & fastest growing personal training studios) and the brains behind The Ultimate Fat Loss Cookbook.  

She has trained and coached thousands of everyday people just like you to amazing transformations. Through proper exercise, sound and simple nutrition and balanced lifestyle habits...her programs have routinely delivered amazing fitness and health results.  

Brooke is incredibly passionate about creating healthy habits and has made it her mission to change as many lives through fitness as possible. Her hope is that people feel better than they ever thought they could.  

Nothing excites her more than seeing real people - people with kids, stress, jobs and busy lives - be finally able to achieve the body they always wanted.  

Through years of experience as a personal trainer and coach to everyday people, she has always put nutrition at the forefront of health success.

She has mastered strategies to help people create healthy eating habits that aid weight loss without ruthlessly counting calories.  

These habits help teach people to easily transform unhealthy recipes into healthy recipes...while keeping them full of flavor and taste in the process.

Here’s Why Most People Get Stuck in a “Health Food Rut”…

If you’ve ever had the chance to browse a local farmers’ market, you know the incredible variety of nutritious foods there are available. With such an array of wholesome choices, you’d think it would be easy to create meals and snacks without the monotony.

But the problem is…

There are very few resources out there to help people like you incorporate healthy, fitness-promoting foods into your busy lifestyle. Most “healthy” recipe books just contain instructions for preparing the same old dishes… and those that do offer something different tell you that you need to buy hard-to-find ingredients and specialty appliances you’ll only use once in a blue moon!

Who has time to drive all over town looking for obscure ingredients, or to spend hours in the kitchen making complicated meals and snacks?

After all, your life is jam-packed with activities. You might have to spend all day at work… chauffeur your kids to school, practice, and social events… find time to go the gym… and take care of dozens of other tasks every single day!

But Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to Be Complex and Time-Consuming!

My name is Brooke Einarson-Schaab.

I've been a personal trainer and in the fitness industry for the better part of a decade… and throughout my career, I've found just how hard it can be to maintain a busy schedule and still eat right.

Still, I believe in “practicing what I preach.” It didn't seem right to tell my clients to eat healthy when I couldn't even find the time to do it myself.

So I started looking for ways to prepare delicious meals, snacks, and appetizers simply and easily. But I didn't want to have to resort to eating the same dishes every week – I wanted variety and flavor! I wanted to look forward to mealtime again, instead of seeing it as a chore.

With serving thousands of personal training clients at our studios over the years, I was continuously seeing clients struggle with their nutrition because they were confused, overwhelmed and couldn't follow strict plans and understandably so.

I wanted to help.

I got in touch with nutritionists and dieticians who generously provided a wealth of recipes to try. Unlike the ones I found in most cookbooks, they featured simple ingredients and could be prepared without expensive equipment. Best of all, I found that I could prepare these dishes quickly and easily, so that I could enjoy healthy food and still have a life!

It was an incredible relief to have so many easy snack, appetizer, side dish, and entrée recipes available.

But something was wrong…

I remembered that there were lots of people out there besides my clients, people just like you who needed the quick, tasty recipes I had gathered from the experts – recipes that would fit perfectly with your fitness and nutrition goals, as well as in your busy schedule.

So I gathered all of the recipes and compiled them in an easy-to follow digital book, complete with vibrant, mouth-watering photos. I made sure to explain each recipe in detail so that there would be no guesswork involved in ingredient selection or preparation.

And you have the ability to get your hands on that very recipe book right now!

Introducing: The Ultimate Fat Loss Cookbook from 360 Fitness!!
A Revolutionary Recipe Book That Puts Hundreds of Easy, Delicious, Healthy Recipes Right at Your Fingertips!

I’ve included recipes that feature natural, simple ingredients that you can find in just about any supermarket – no need to drive across town to a specialty store to pick up items for dinner or snacks.

And I’ve made sure that all of the recipes in this breakthrough book can be prepared quickly and simply, so that you can enjoy your meal or snack and get back to your life!

What Types of Recipes Will You Get in The Ultimate Fat Loss Cookbook???

I’ve packed The Ultimate Fat Loss Cookbook from 360 Fitness with more than 300 recipes in all – so that you’ll have plenty of options for nutritious, easy to prepare:

All of my recipes also feature excellent nutrition to give your body the support it needs, no matter whether you’re headed to the gym or embarking on a marathon errand-running session!

You'll also find plenty of mouth-watering options to cater to specific dietary needs, like:

  • Low-calorie and Low-fat Options
  • High Protein Options
  • Gluten Free Options
  • Meals, Snacks, Desserts, Appy's, Smoothies and More!

With this revolutionary recipe book, you can eat healthy every day, lose weight, and stay fit without ever getting bored of your diet!

Get Your Hands On The Ultimate Fat Loss Cookbook
Today and See Results Tomorrow!

Ordinarily, I sell this jam-packed recipe book for $39… and many of the people who have tried the recipes have told me that the book is a steal at that price!

But because I want you and your family to enjoy the flavorful, nutritious recipes I’ve come to know and love… I’m going to make you a very special offer today…

When you place your order – for a limited time only – I’m going to give you The Ultimate Fat Loss Cookbook from 360 Fitness complete with all 300 mouth-watering recipes and some special bonuses – for a one-time payment of…

Hard to Believe That Balanced Recipes Like These Deliver Results, Right?

Check Out These Real People That Have Been Using These Recipe Formulas:

Jessica P.

"I love that there is a good variety, that they are easy prep and cook and that they use every day, common ingredients. It keeps it simple and helps me stay on track."

Don S.

“Having virtually NO cooking skills, these easy to follow (and shop for) recipes made me feel and act like Gordon Ramsey...Having retained very little from home economics 30 years ago, I have always looked for simple, easy to follow and shop for recipes.  Finally. Here it is.  Screw you Martha Stewart - you're way too complicated.”

Donna M.

“The fact that every week we can use new recipes is rather exciting and my husband always asks me “What's on the menu for this week?” That is a sure sign that they taste good and he isn't even on the program.”

Tanja S.

"I wanted someone to show me what to eat to get results- and these recipes do just that. It's so easy to follow, it almost feels like you're cheating."

Marie W.

“With a young family at home, I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen everyday so it’s nice to be able to use these recipes that my 2 year old son will enjoy, that are easy to make and that keep it on my meal plan.”

Stefanie C.

“I just started using the recipes and am loving it already! It’s so easy to follow, uses everyday day ingredients, and best of all my husband and two year old son are loving it as well!!”

Tracy S.

"Easy peasy lemon squeezie!" As my daughter would say. Easy recipes to follow that get my children involved! Cooking and prep has become a family affair!”
And When You Order Right Now, I’m Taking on MORE Than All of The Risk!

Wait, what?

Let me explain. I wanted to make sure that you know you’re getting the real deal when you order The Ultimate Fat Loss Cookbook today. So I was going to insist on a money-back guarantee.

BUT… I decided a simple guarantee just wasn't good enough.

Instead, here’s what I’ll do: I’m inviting you to try out this incredible recipe book for yourself...risk free for a full 60 days. 

If you try the amazing recipes and are not 100% confident and satisfied in your decision after 60 days… I’ll give you 100% of your investment back!

See for yourself how delicious, simple, and healthy these recipes really are. The worst that can happen is that you’ll get 100% of your money back and you keep all the recipes.

Fair enough? 

I think so, too.

Order Now… and Have Your Recipe Book in Just Minutes!

Within just a couple of minutes after you complete your secure payment today, I’ll rush every single recipe right to your email inbox. Print them out, view them on your tablet or smartphone, or just save them to your hard drive for easy reference!

But this offer won’t be around much longer…. So if you want to enjoy healthy food in a fraction of the time… you need to order your copy now!

I look forward to hearing about how much you enjoy these inventive, easy recipes!

Brooke Einarson-Schaab

P.S. I’m going to be discontinuing this offer in just a few days. After that, the price will go back up to $39. So if you don’t want to miss out on your chance to get this amazing recipe book at the lowest price possible… click the button above and place your order right away! 

Plus, as part of this limited time introductory offer you'll also receive these 5 bonus gifts valued at $83 as a thank you.
42 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes

No need to keep looking for recipes which will keep the pounds off while tasting absolutely delicious. These 42 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes will satisfy even the pickiest eaters!

31 Tasty & Guilt Free Dessert Recipes

Fat blasting desserts? I think so! We've compiled 31 absolutely GUILT FREE (yes really) desserts which will hit your sweet tooth all the while focusing on your fitness goals and diet.

10 Healthy Meals in 10 Minutes

What if you had 10 healthy meal ideas as your saving grace back ups? Short on time? Hungry and can't wait? Unexpected company coming over? Don't worry we got you covered with these 10 healthy recipes that take 10 minutes (or less) to prep, cook and serve!

The Kitchen Raid Exam
VALUE $ Priceless

Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail. 

The Kitchen Raid Exam is dedicated to setting your kitchen (and you) up for success. Full of strategies, tasks and to-do lists to convert your kitchen into a friend and not an enemy!

360 Fitness Food Substitution List

Want to change it up or switch out an ingredient really quickly? No worries, we got you covered! With over a hundred different foods listed, sorted by category and broken down into calories and serving can make substitutions easy.

You have nothing to lose!

Try our recipes for yourself and if they aren't great for your family and if they aren't a great fit into your fitness and health routine we will not only refund your money but match it and then some. 

Yes, we are that confident you will love it.

Order Now… and Have Your Recipe Book in Just Minutes!

Within just a couple of minutes after you complete your secure payment today, I’ll rush every single recipe right to your email inbox. Print them out, view them on your tablet or smartphone, or just save them to your hard drive for easy reference!

But this offer won’t be around much longer…. So if you want to enjoy healthy food in a fraction of the time… you need to order your copy now!

Your Questions Answered!
When do I get the recipe book once I buy?
Right way, we will send you an Instant Download page that has the easy download buttons for your convenience. We will also email them to you just in case. All files are in digital PDF format, no physical products needed.
How do I pay?
We have a secure order form that takes all major credit cards for your convenience.
Will my kids really like the recipes?
Absolutely. This recipes are tried, tested and true in households across the nation. Kids will love them and you will too.
My main goal isn't weight loss, are these recipes still okay for me?
Simply, yes! These recipes will fit into any meal plan. If you goals are to gain lean muscle, then these are perfect for you. We have so many recipes that contain high protein, good carb and healthy fat. Win- win - win for adding lean muscle.
My kids have left home/no kids/ this recipe book still good for me?
100% yes. These recipes are for everyone. They are simple to prepare, taste amazing, fit perfectly into a balanced fitness and health nutrition plan and will help you eat well and be guilt free in the kitchen.
Do these recipes deprive me of desserts and snacks ?
Not at all. Just the opposite actually. We preach and promote a balanced lifestyle and will show you how to create your own desserts and snacks that are much healthier, more satisfying and still tasty!
Do these recipes include ingredients that are hard to find or very expensive ?
In a nutshell, no. By all means, every grocery store has a different selection but we purposely chose the recipes and ingredients around simplicity for the family and to keep it easy for you.

Rebecca S.

“One of my favorite things is to grab fresh ingredients from the farmers market and try new recipes. Eating healthy is the only option in my life and this recipe cookbook gives me a ton of variety, a ton of flavor and easy steps to quick and easy healthy meals”
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