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VP Operations, CPT
A Little More About 360 Fitness...
From the Desk of Brooke Einarson-Schaab
Written on April 23rd, 2015
Let me take a second to tell you a bit about 360 Fitness.

It all started with a simple goal – to get Real People, Real Results.

Far too often, people go to the gym and visit weight loss centers, drop tons of money, waste their time and not get anywhere.

We saw that people were intimidated, nervous, felt alone and in the end…didn’t get the results they wanted and deserved.

They lacked proper coaching, motivation, accountability and support.

We needed a way to help these people.

Enter, 360 Fitness.

360 Fitness is different than anything else you have seen or tried.

Our gym offers a supportive, comfortable and motivating environment where we cater to average joe’s looking to lose weight, burn off some fat and feel great in their skin again. Through personal training focus, we work with our clients to get them the best results possible while still giving them a flexible lifestyle for kids, work and busy times.

We get our clients amazing fitness and health results through personal training, nutrition support and coaching. We value this all inclusive approach as it aids our clients goals from all directions and gives them the support they need from every angle.

Our friendly, encouraging and industry leading personal trainers coach our clients  through fun, calorie burning and results driven workouts but at the same time assist them with proper nutrition, goal planning, meal planning and lifestyle choices. We are 100% focused on the client.

Most commercial gyms operate on a simple model: sign up a bazillion people at a super low rate, charge their credit cards every month, and hope they never show up. This is not how we operate.

In contrast, we are small by design. We don’t want a million members, because we want to know everyone’s name. We don’t want you to miss a session because of our vested interest in your success. In sum, our goals align with yours.

Why We Do What We Do:

We love our jobs.

We love helping our clients feel good in their own skin.

We love helping our clients take on new challenges.

We love helping our clients fit into their favorite jeans again.

And we love seeing the faces on our clients when they do something that once was “impossible”.

Truly being able to see people change (inside and out) right before your eyes is one of the most rewarding things you can experience.

How We Became the Best At What We Do:

It worked so well that 360 Fitness is one of the most recognized and critically acclaimed personal training studios in North America…yes in all of North America. Locally, they have been named the 2012 Small Business of the Year, Best Gym Award in 2013+2014, given the Alberta Legislation Leadership in Health Award and more. In North America, 360 Fitness was named runner up for Fitness Business of the Year by one of the largest fitness business organizations in N.A. Internationally, 360 Fitness has been named one of the Top 100 Leading Independent Studios in the 2014 Global Fitness Report by IHRSA – the leading health club association in the world. All that in 5 years, changing one life at a time. 

With 2 locations in Alberta and growing every year, 360 Fitness is on a mission to change lives through health and fitness.

360 Fitness is also proud to employ some of the brightest minds in the industry. On top of post secondary education, all 360 Fitness certified personal trainers must over go a 12 week intensive apprenticeship and training curriculum to work with our clients. Only the best for our clients.

To Learn More About 360 Fitness:

Please visit our websites and social media channels for all the latest news on 360 Fitness! We would love to keep in touch!

Locations in Red Deer, AB and Sherwood Park, AB (more to come!)
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