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Named Top 100 Fitness Studios in the World - 3X

360 Fitness was honored in 2015, 2016 & 2017 to be named to the Leading Club Profiles by IHRSA (our Academy Awards) for our unique mission and our outstanding membership experience. 

Simply The Best Personal Trainers

If we want to give our clients the best results, we need to have the best personal trainers. Our trainers have post secondary in our fields, must complete our 12 Week In House Curriculum and together we have over 85 years experience. 

More Than Just a Workout

Sure, your personal trainer led workouts in our private fitness studios will be fun, motivating and yield great results but we also incorporate nutrition planning, assessments and coaching into all our programs to ensure success. 

Affordable for Any Budget

There are huge advantages to having an all inclusive membership. With combining personal training, a private membership, nutrition and assessments you get it all with one price - you will be surprised how much value it holds. 
A Path for Everyone
VIP Personal Training
Workouts, Nutrition + Assessments
Our flagship service, work one on one with a personal trainer to get the exact results you are looking for!
Semi-Private Personal Training
Workouts, Nutrition + Assessments
Very popular option as it combines the attention of a personal trainer with the support and accountability of a small group (2-4 ppl).
Hybrid Personal Training
Workouts, Nutrition + Assessments
Brand New! Love a mix of private sessions with group workouts? This combines a perfect blend of exactly what you want. 
Inbody Body Composition Test
Full Body Diagnostic and Review
Our personal trainers will conduct an Inbody Assessment with you, give the results and review them with you to answer any questions you may have. 
Watch how our clients have changed their lives forever with 360 Fitness...all while still having room for careers, family and enjoying life to the fullest!
From Jack Wheeler - Founder of 360 Fitness
First and foremost, congratulations on making it this far! It may not seem like much but even visiting our website and doing your homework is a huge leap in the right direction to a new life. 

It means that you are self-aware and excited about change. This is a great place to be. 

We offer a high-end, all-inclusive fitness solution for people that tried everything in the past - diets, exercise programs - with limited success or no results at all.

Normally a $49.00 value, you can claim a complimentary Fitness and Health Consultation with zero obligation, simply by submitting the form on this page.

Absolutely no obligation, our reward is that we inspire you to take action. We want to chat about your goals, your life and find out if we can help.

Our team of expert personal trainers will show you around the studio, ask you about your goals, your past, your present, your obstacles and answer any questions you have. After we get to know you better, we will recommend a plan that is best suited to you. 

We'll provide you with actionable, step-by-step advice on how you can transform YOUR body in record time and start feeling good in your skin.

The road to fitness starts with that first action. Let us help you make the first strides to lasting changes in your health and fitness, today.
What Our Clients Are Saying
Don’t take our word. See what’s our members think.
Mary Timoshyk (60), Retired
"My mindset before I came to 360 was negative and since I've been here I feel so much better, my back doesn't hurt and 360 gives me a reason to get out and get moving."
Neil Berg (57), Investment Advisor
"Since the age of thirty, I started getting lazier and bigger, which led to having angioplasty three years ago. that was a big kick in the head. 360 has been able to help me solve these issues. Compared to old me, I feel a lot better."
Our Locations
Red Deer
#107, 5301 43 Street
403 347 1707
Sherwood Park
#202, 208 Sioux Road
780 467 1708
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get to the studio?
The map and Contact details are listed for your preferred location on the Thank You page that loads after you submit the form. 
What does the membership include?
We offer an all inclusive experience - all programs include your personal trainer led workouts 2 to 4x a week, nutrition planning, assessments and coaching throughout. 
I have medical problems. Can I join?
Sure thing! Our personal trainers are educated, experienced and have a knack for doing homework. We will never bluff, if we don't know something we will find out. 
Which option is best for me?
During your free consultation, your personal trainer guide will recommend you on a program that is best suited to you....no pressure, no hassle, no obligation at all. 
We Offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on All Our Programs!
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