The 21 Day Challenge Starts Jan 10!
Finally, An All-in-One Complete Plan that is Laser Focused on Fat Loss & Fitness for the Everyday Person! Plus, 2 Ways to Get it for FREE!

Kick Off January 10th! Let's Do This!
Orientation is Jan 10 @ 7pm. Almost sold out. 
 "...Because Isn't It Time To Take Care of YOU?"

We are super excited that you are here and are ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle in 2019! 

Give us just 21 days and we'll melt up to 15+lbs of fat off your body and put you on the fastest track to tight, toned and terrific...quickly, safely and naturally, without crash-diets, magic pills or gimmicks. 

Hundreds of our clients did it, and now it's your turn...

Get Rocking with Us and Get the Body You Want & Deserve!

Our goal within the 6 week period is to get you on the right track with eating wholesome foods and exercising regularly.


21 Challenge Results So Far = 9600lbs lost and 5500+ inches in 21 Days!

Our Challengers are routinely losing 10-20+lbs, 2 dress/pant sizes and developing life long habits. You can too!

The most lost ever was 28lbs and 22 inches in 21 days! Awesome! 

And to give you some motivation, if you lose 15lbs or 5% body weight (so everyone and every size can achieve this) you will get 100% of your investment back!

Here's What You Get for Only $247 (Reg $299+)

Our 21-day program is a combination of 10 elements:

1. ALWAYS NEW DONE-FOR-YOU 21 Day Fat Loss Nutrition Plan with variety for everyone including recipes 

2. Personal Training 3x Week with an expert coach

3. TWO AWESOME WAYS YOU CAN GET IT ALL FOR FREE! Seriously - reach your goals and get 100% of your investment back!

4. PRIZES! We are giving away over $2000 in prizes for group and individual challenges. (MOTIVATION)

5. ALWAYS NEW 21 Day Challenge Manual: everything you need to know, do and track...all in one place 

6. New Meal Plan with family friendly and fat loss focused recipes

7. Team and solo challenges so you are held accountable, get outside your comfort zone and stay focuses 

8. Access to a FREE 21 Day Challenge fat burning bootcamp 1-3x week during the challenge. See coach for time and dates. 

9. As with everything we offer, you get our 100% money back guarantee - show up, work hard, follow the plan and succeed! (GUARANTEE)

10. Access to our exclusive 21 Day Challenge Facebook Support Group to connect to members and coaches. (ACCOUNTABILITY)

Regular Price $299+


**Limited spots available. Sells out fast.

Already a Full Time Member? Yours is Only $67
Orientation is Jan 10 @ 7pm. Almost sold out. 

Yes, the coaching and accountability are pretty darn close to being magical. In fact, if you've struggled in the past to lose weight and get your body looking the way you want it to, the #1 reason for that is lack of effective coaching and accountability.

Simply put, there is no substitute for external motivation and coaching from a real expert who's gotten see-it-in-the-mirror results for other clients just like you. It's the biggest secret to success. Just give us the chance and we'll prove that to you (you'll be amazed by the results).

The entire program is just 21 days. Three weeks...that will melt 8-20 pounds (or more) of fat off your body and put you on the fastest track to tight, toned and terrific.

And if you're one of the participants to register now by completing the form on this page, we'll give you the entire 21-day program for just $247 (regular price is $299+).

If you are already a member at 360 Fitness your price is even better at just $67!

What Can You Expect?
> Lose more fat + inches faster than anything else you can do. Period.

> Get FAST body transforming results - with this level of accountability, combined with our proven 21-Day Program, the results come quickly (almost 10 years of testing and results)

> Discover super simple meal plans and recipe ideas that will deliver great results. Keep using them after the challenge too!

> Cut exercise time in half - you'll be shocked by how effective the right kind of exercise really is!

> Dramatically decrease stress - stress kills your enthusiasm, your energy and harms your immune system.

> Have 3 - 4 times more energy (literally 300% to 400% increase in energy). Imagine how that makes you feel and perform!

> Learn life long nutrition and lifestyle habits in 21 days.

> More confidence - nothing makes you feel better about YOU than being fit, toned and looking terrific!
Orientation is Jan 10 @ 7pm. Almost sold out. 
See The Result's We're Getting Our Challengers...
Tamara Lost 10lbs + 1" off chest, 2" off waist, 2" off butt in only 21 days!
Sheldon Lost 9lbs + 1" off chest, 2" off waist, 2" off butt in only 21 days!
Jeanette Lost 12lbs + 2" off chest, 2.5" off waist, 1.75" off butt in 21 days!
Jeff Lost 14lbs + Shed 2" off his waist, 2" off chest, 2.5" off butt in 21 days!
Watch Kristen's Review of the Challenge 
....Where She Lost 12lbs and 8" in 3 weeks!
Who Are We?
360 Fitness is a private and exclusive fitness center catering to the health conscious crowd. We run a multiple award winning program and get real people, real results! All our trainers are certified, educated, experienced and extremely good at their jobs (we are in the results business).

We have been named to the Top 100 Fitness Businesses in the World by IHRSA (our Academy Awards) for 4 years running. 
Where Are We Located?
360 Red Deer
#107 - 5301 43 St
403 347 1707
360 Fitness
360 Sherwood Park
#202 - 208 Sioux Rd
780 467 1708
Red Deer
#107, 5301 43 St
403 347 1707
Sherwood Park
#202, 208 Sioux Rd
780 467 1708
5975 Signal Hill Ctr SW
403 685 3132
Let's Answer Your Questions!
How long is the program?
The program is 21 days with a couple days added in for meal prep and appt bookings.
When does it start?
Kick off and Orientation is Jan 10th at 7pm at 360 Fitness. Finale is Feb 5th at 7pm (we give a little extra time for meal prep and groceries). 
How Do I Get it for Free?
Two Ways You Can Get the Whole Thing for FREE! We want to push you and incentive you to if you lose 15lbs or 5% body weight in 21 days you get your entire investment back. (Let's do this!)
What if I'm gone during the 21 days?
No problem. We want you to commit 100% during the 21 day challenge and ask that you don't take vacations but if you need to rebook your sessions, just give us 24 hours notice and we can move it. Make sure you get all your sessions in per week though.
What is the training like?
For new members + current members, this program is centered around our semi-private personal training (3-6 people per session with your trainer). After years and years of testing, we have found this to be the perfect blend of personal attention, fun, community, support and accountability.  These are 30 min sessions. 

If you wish to have 1on1 private training however, there is an option to choose that on the order form for only $100 more (vastly discounted). 

Also, you will have access to a FREE 21 Day Challenge bootcamp 1x week during the challenge. See coach for time and dates. 
What are your hours?
Red Deer & Sherwood Park: We are open 6am to 8pm Mon-Fri and Saturday from 10-2pm. We have up to 15 training spots open to you a day.
Calgary: We are open 6am to 8pm Mon-Fri for your convenience. We have up to 15 training spots open to you a day.
How can I become a full time member?
We would love to have you! Many of our 21 Day Challengers become full time members after they go through our proven systems and see great results. During the finale event, you will have an exclusive invite and offer to join our studio full time. 
What are your trainer prerequisites?
Great question. All our certified personal training staff have to have post-secondary education in our field and endure our in-house & intensive 12 week apprenticeship program  to become 360 Certified. We demand the best.
What is the nutrition like?
We focus on eating real, whole food. We have personally designed a fully-done-for you 21 day nutrition plan that is fat burning focused and family friendly. It includes easy to follow recipes, list, substitutions and more.
Even if you have done a 21 Day Challenge before you will be happy to see a brand new nutrition plan, new weekly challenges, new prizes and new recipes too.
What Do We Guarantee?
We 100% guarantee body and life changing results from following our program. We meet you in the middle - you need to follow your fitness and nutrition plan and in turn we will ensure you rock that body in no time. If you follow the program, complete your training programs for 21 days and still don't see awesome results, we will 100% refund your money. Simple as that. We are super confident in our trainers and programming.
You Have Nothing to Lose! You Owe it to Yourself!
Orientation is Jan 10th! Almost sold out!
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