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Thank you so much for wanting to join our program, we are super excited for this to begin! Our 6 Week Program participants routinely lose 10,20 even 30+lbs and we can't wait to see your happy face when that happens for you! Enter your details above and go ahead and submit. One of our staff will reach out to book you a free in person meeting to show you our studio, debrief the program and complete with payment. 

You can choose from our Small Group Personal Training or 1on1 Personal Training during the consult or online order form. Price is only $65/week and we will go over the ways you get it all free during our meeting.

We take a deposit upfront to hold you to your commitment to make sure you are serious. During our chat we outline the program and tell you more about how you get the investment 100% back. 

One thing to note though, spots fill for this program extremely fast (most time in 48hrs or less). If you are 100% committed and want to reserve your spot ahead of our meeting in person for a free consultation - go ahead and complete your registration using our online order form by clicking here ==> ORDER ONLINE

This will reserve your spot no matter what and when we still meet for your free consultation if you deem it not a good fit, we will refund you 100%. We just want to give everyone a fair crack at getting in. ==> ORDER ONLINE

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